What we do


JEM Worldwide is a seasoned U.S.-based firm boasting over four decades of expertise in the development, ownership, and management of Caribbean real estate. JEM Worldwide has been family-owned and operated for four generations and throughout their journey they have remained deeply rooted in their core values, emphasizing integrity, sustainability, and community engagement. Their long-term perspective extends beyond financial success; they actively participate in philanthropic initiatives, environmental conservation efforts, and community development projects in the regions where they operate.


JEM Worldwide develops, constructs & renovates new and existing assets and specializes in doing so in remote locations. The JEM Worldwide team has managed complex renovation projections at all of its assets with significant enhancements and has designed and built resorts and residential villas, condominiums & apartment complexes with emphasis on a long term vision that creates portfolio growth.


JEM Worldwide owns and operates hospitality, residential and commercial properties such as Little Cayman Beach Resort, Cayman Brac Beach Resort, a luxury resort in Turks & Caicos as well as water sports businesses, retail stores, storage warehousing and other commercial real estate.



JEM Worldwide’s corporate headquarters are based in St. Petersburg, Florida which also contains the company’s full-service travel agency known as Reef Fanta-Seas, an international shipping and logistics company, West Indies Shipping and a residential rental & property management operation.

JEM Worldwide’s competitive advantage is excelling where other organizations may find it difficult to do business.